Benefits to the Community

The Wallarah 2 Coal Project will provide a boost to employment and economic stimulus on the Central Coast, delivering positive outcomes for the whole community. Benefits to the community will include economic stimulation with over 1100 direct and indirect jobs created during construction and over 850 direct and indirect jobs created in the region during operations. The Wallarah 2 Community Foundation will also continue to operate, with an expansion of the program to create more opportunities for vocational training and community support.

JOB CREATION: The Project will directly employ up to 450 people (in the second year of construction of the mine) and produce a further 600+ flow-on jobs in the Central Coast regional economy across sectors such as: regional production, manufacturing, wholesale/retail, hospitality, building, transport and services. That's more that 1100 direct and indirect jobs in the regional economy at the peak of construction. During operations the project will directly employ 300 people and generate over 500 flow-on jobs in the Central Coast region. The project will be targeting 70% local recruitment and a 10% indigenous workforce during operations.

ECONOMIC BENEFITS: Across the life of the mine, Wallarah 2 will drive around $600 million in additional economic output value every year (i.e. direct and indirect business turnover) into the regional economy. In fact, locals will benefit from an increase in household income across the Central Coast of close to $69 million annually, throughout the 28 year life of the mine.