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Reporting and Compliance

Wallarah 2 will be publishing relevant reports and plans following their preparation and/or approval as required by consents and licencing.

Key environmental documents relating to the Wallarah 2 approval can be found above in the Approvals & Licences section.

Extensive environmental documentation on the project is published on NSW Planning & Environment or NSW Independent Planning Commission [was NSW Planning Assessment Commission] websites.




We are committed to providing sustainable and beneficial outcomes to surrounding communities. This includes integrating feedback from community members into our planning processes and ensuring concerns are adequately addressed.

An Environmental Impact Statement conducted by Hansen Bailey Environmental Consultants in February 2013 concluded the following: “Environmental costs which have been identified are capable of being acceptably managed by operational controls, land acquisition and management plans. Ecological and long term costs have been minimised and will be offset by management strategies to maintain and improve vegetation and ecological values in the long term”.  This conclusion was also consistent with the Amendment to the Development Application findings.

“The Project as proposed meets environmental and social requirements and still results in a mine plan and development for which there is a demonstrated need and from which there are material economic, environmental and social benefits.”


Detailed environmental studies have been undertaken to assess potential impact that the proposed mining activities may have on the environment. These studies have also allowed us to rank the degree of potential impact and address each appropriately.

Please read below for an overview of our studies and findings.


Inquiries and Assessments Status Comment
Strategic inquiry into mining in Wyong No significant reason why mining should not be permitted in the Wyong area
Wyong Water Study There is sufficient information for general assessment of mining
International Peer Water Review There is sufficient information for an assessment of the Wallarah 2 Project
Planning Assessment Commission Proposal approved with conditions


All research to date shows that this project will not deplete groundwater. Groundwater that will be affected by the mine is poor quality water contained within deep coal measures and hard rock strata, well below that which is used for farming and domestic water supplies. Water in the mine will be pumped to the pit top at the surface. It is saline and unusable for any domestic or rural purpose without treatment. Once treated on the surface, the clean water will be used for operational purposes and to supplement the region’s water supply.  Minor quantities of treated water to be discharged in accordance with strict water quality conditions under an environmental protection licence.


The mine has incorporated a number of protection measures to safeguard against adverse impacts on the local community. The amount of coal to be extracted beneath the Hue Hue area has been significantly reduced to ensure that surface ground movement (referred to as subsidence), will be within the levels stipulated by the proclaimed Subsidence District for effective management of impacts on structures.